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Town Board

The Town Board consists of elected officials that serve the community members and govern the finances, capital purchases and expenses of the town. They work directly with the Town Highway Department, Cuyler Fire Department and Commissioners and Cortland County officials.

The following are Four Year Elected Positions:

Town Council Persons, Town Justice, Highway Superintendent

These are Two Year Elected Positions:

Town Supervisor,Town Clerk

**The Deputy Supervisory is an appointed position by the Town Supervisor.


The 2019 Town Board Members are:

Supervisor, Lou Anne Randall                                      (607) 842-6695

Deputy Supervisor, Lee Smith                                      (607) 842-6516

Town Clerk, Wendy Custer                                           (607) 842-6051

Town Council Person, Nancy Corbin                            (607) 842-6595

Town Council Person, Russell Smith                            (315) 480-4086

Town Council Person, Keith White                                (607) 597-9134

Town Council Person, Michelle Newton-Stafford          (315) 750-9826

The Town Board Meetings are open to the public and are held on the second Thursday of each month at the Cuyler Fire House at 7:00 pm.

The remaining 2019 Board Meeting Dates are: August 8, September 12, October 3, November 7 and December 12.

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Variance Board

The Variance Board meets on an as needed schedule.

2019 Variance Board Members are:

Dan Custer

Jeremy Gaebler

Jim Custer

Doug Randall

Grievance Board

The Grievance Board meets once a year at the Annual Grievance Day. These are paid positions and board members must take additional training.

2019 Grievance Board Members are:

Nancy Corbin

Jim Custer

Marty Youngs

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